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Adapting licks to each scale position

Learn the guitar fretboard by adapting licks to each scale position

One of the easiest ways to learn your way around the fretboard is by applying licks to each scale position. You take something you already know how to play and apply it to the different positions on the fretboard.

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3 notes per string major scale

3 Notes Per String Major Scale Patterns

In previous lessons we’ve learned about the CAGED system for learning guitar chords and scales. Another system that is useful for learning scales is the 3 notes per string system.

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Pentatonic scales up and down the neck diagrams image

3 Easy Ways to Play Pentatonic Scales Up and Down the Neck

When we first learn the pentatonic scales, it’s typically done position by position. We learn one pattern, then the next, and so on. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but if we don’t expand on it we’re bound to feel trapped in the “box”.

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Chord progressions by position (I-IV-V)

Expand Your Knowledge of Guitar Chords by Playing Chord Progressions by Position

Playing chord progressions by position is a great way to familiarize yourself with the different chord voicings found all over the neck. It helps open up the fretboard and reduces dependency on only playing open chords and basic barre chord shapes.

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