Jimmy Page riffs for finger dexterity
Applying arpeggios to guitar solos and fills
Adapting licks to each scale position
3 notes per string major scale
Pentatonic scales up and down the neck diagrams image
Chord progressions by position (I-IV-V)
Learning minor arpeggios
Minor triads featured image

Guitar Triads, Part 2: Minor Triads

In part one of guitar triads we looked at major triads and how you can learn these triads based on the CAGED guitar system. In this lesson we’ll take a look at minor triads. If you need a review of triads and how they’re formed, check out part one again. Otherwise, let’s get started!

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Major scale triads

Guitar Triads, Part 1: Major Triads

Triads are the building blocks of chords. If you’re used to playing only full chords, triads will help expand your playing and allow you to create more unique voicings and tones. They’re a great way to spice up your playing by allowing you to easily add little embellishments to your rhythms.

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Female playing major arpeggio on guitar