Applying arpeggios to guitar solos and fills
Adapting licks to each scale position
Pentatonic scales up and down the neck diagrams image
Chord progressions by position (I-IV-V)
Minor scale root note patterns

Root Note Patterns of the Minor Scale Positions

In the lesson Navigating Major Scale Positions on Guitar by Using the Root Note, we learned how to use the root note of the major scale as an anchor point to move between scale positions on the guitar. In this lesson, we take a look at the root note patterns of the minor scale positions.

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Navigating major scale positions on guitar by root notes
how to determine the key of a song featured image

How to Determine the Key of a Song

One of the more challenging obstacles as a beginner guitarist, or if you’re just new to guitar theory, is figuring out how to determine the key of a song. Some songs stick to standard chords within a key, which makes this task much easier. Other songs, however, are not as straight forward.

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5 Easy Songs to Learn on Guitar