Minor CAGED system wall poster
Major minor scales poster thumbnail

Major & Minor Scales Wall Poster

Reference poster for the major and natural minor scales. Includes fretboard diagrams for the five positions of each scale as well as single octave scale shapes for each scale. Poster measures 24″x36″

Guitar arpeggios poster thumbnail

Guitar Arpeggios Wall Poster

A great reference guide for arpeggios on guitar! The poster features arpeggio formulas and fretboard diagrams for major, minor, major 7th, minor 7th, and dominant 7th arpeggios. Poster measures 24″x36″.

CAGED system poster thumbnail

CAGED System Wall Poster

The AGT CAGED System wall poster makes a great reference guide. Chord diagrams for the open chord shapes that make up the CAGED System. Also includes fretboard diagrams for the CAGED chord, arpeggio, major pentatonic and major scale relationships. Poster measures 24″x36″.

Guitar triads poster thumbnail

Guitar Triads Wall Poster

The AGT Guitar Triads wall poster makes for a great reference guide. It includes triad formulas for major, minor, diminished, and augmented triads as well as fretboard diagrams for all four types of triads across all string groupings. Poster measures 24″x36″.