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Man playing guitar chords

Chord Functions in the Major Keys

Chords within a given key have a function, or role they play within the key. Understanding these chord functions can help you understand why some chord progressions sound good while others sound not so good.

Play chord progressions by position
Building chords from the major scale

Building Chords from the Major Scale

Building chords from the major scale sets the foundation for writing and understanding chord progressions, transposing to other keys, and developing your ear as a guitarist. In this lesson you’ll learn how chords are constructed from the major scale by stacking 3rds, what determines the quality of these chords, and how these chords map to the fretboard.

Top 5 easy songs to learn on guitar

Top 5: Easy Songs to Learn on Guitar

Playing songs makes learning the guitar much more enjoyable. It keeps your motivation up while allowing you to learn chords, riffs, and practice chord changes and strumming techniques. Here are five easy songs a beginner can learn now.