Adapting licks to each scale position
3 notes per string major scale
Minor scale root note patterns

Root Note Patterns of the Minor Scale Positions

In the lesson Navigating Major Scale Positions on Guitar by Using the Root Note, we learned how to use the root note of the major scale as an anchor point to move between scale positions on the guitar. In this lesson, we take a look at the root note patterns of the minor scale positions.

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CAGED Major Chord, Scale and Arpeggio Shapes
Navigating major scale positions on guitar by root notes
Harmonic minor scale featured image
5 minor pentatonic scale positions

Minor Pentatonic Scale (5 Positions)

Like its major counterpart, the minor pentatonic scale is a highly popular scale due to its versatility and playability. A staple in blues music, this scale brings moodiness and tension that creates that familiar blues feel, particular when played over major/dominant chords.

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Intervals on guitar featured image
Blues scale graphic

The Blues Scale

When it comes to soloing, the blues scale is one of the most popular scales used.  It’s used across many genres of music, from blues to rock to jazz and others. David Gilmour uses it extensively in his solos.

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The minor scale

The (Natural) Minor Scale

What is the minor scale? What makes it minor vs major? In this lesson we’ll break down the natural minor scale and it’s qualities and take a look at how it is applied to the fretboard.

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