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Guitar Essentials: Foundational Fretboard Navigation (eBook)

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Feeling lost on the guitar fretboard?

Feeling lost on the guitar is frustrating. You’re left paralyzed and struggle to play over chord changes, struggle to incorporate licks and embellishments, and simply lack confidence in your playing. 

So what are you missing? The foundation.

Learning one-off licks and tricks will only take you so far. You need to build a solid foundation in order to:

  • Understand how triads, chords, arpeggios and scales are all connected and laid out on the guitar fretboard
  • Be able to use triads, arpeggios, and scales to play effortlessly over chord changes
  • Easily transpose a chord progression from one key to another
  • Approach the guitar with the freedom and confidence to enjoy playing instead of feeling lost and frustrated

There are no shortcuts to learning the guitar and if you’re not able to navigate the fretboard without feeling lost, you don’t have a strong foundation. Without this knowledge it will always be struggle to play all over the fretboard. 

It’s time to build your foundation and transform your guitar playing!

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Note: This ebook is delivered in PDF format.

“…I’ve been working through Foundational Fretboard Navigation. I’m finding it really well done and helpful, and of all the books on guitar theory I’ve picked up I think that your’s is one of the best. It’s very well written, the concepts are clear, and the graphics are easy to understand and relate well to the text. Bravo!”

– Skip T.

Guitar Essentials: Foundational Fretboard Navigation (eBook)

Includes 100+ exercise variations, detailed fretboard diagrams, and 21 backing tracks to help you learn the guitar fretboard.

Table of Contents

´╗┐Chapter 1: Notes on the Guitar Fretboard

Chapter 2: A Primer on Guitar Intervals

Chapter 3: Triads

Chapter 4: The CAGED System

Chapter 5: Arpeggios

Chapter 6: Pentatonic Scales

Chapter 7: Major & Minor Scales

Chapter 8: Putting It All Together