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The Pentatonic Fretboard (eBook)

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Master the pentatonic scale all over the fretboard!

The pentatonic scale is the most versatile scale in music. The interval relations and the respective shapes they form on the guitar make it easy to play and easy to utilize in a musical context.  

While most players learn the main pentatonic box, we’re selling ourselves short if we don’t expand beyond this and develop our ability to visualize the scale as it connects up and down the guitar fretboard.

The Pentatonic Fretboard will help you go beyond the box and create a full visualization of the pentatonic scale all over the neck.

Price: $10.99

Note: This ebook is delivered in PDF format.

The Pentatonic Fretboard (eBook)

75 pages

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Pentatonic Basics

Chapter 2: Vertical Fretboard

Chapter 3: Root Note Visualization

Chapter 4: The Horizontal Fretboard

Chapter 5: Pentatonic Extensions

Chapter 6: Positional Relationships

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