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The Improvisation Framework: Powerful Method to Easily Improvise Anywhere on the Guitar (eBook)

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Struggling to improvise on the guitar?

Being able to improvise is one of the most sought after skills on the guitar.  It’s also a challenging skill that takes a lot of time to develop.  Just the basics of determining what scales to use over what chords, keeping up with the chord changes, etc. can be a lot to navigate. 

However, there’s an approach we can take that make the process so much easier…The Improvisation Framework.

The Improvisation Framework is a powerful method to simplify the improvisation process and easily allow you to stay connected to the music and improvise anywhere on the guitar fretboard.

If you’re new to improvisation or feel lost and have a hard time playing freely in a jam setting or with backing tracks, The Improvisation Framework will unlock your improvisation skills.

Price: $12.99

Note: This ebook is delivered in PDF format.

The Improvisation Framework (eBook)

Includes 24 guided backing track exercises to help you improvise all over the fretboard and strategies to seamlessly connect and transition between positions.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Basics

Chapter 2: Laying the Foundation

Chapter 3: Building the Framework

Chapter 4: Extending the Framework

Chapter 5: Connections & Transitions


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